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Viburnum Tinus ‘Eve Price’ 2L Pot


Viburnum Tinus ‘Eve Price’: A Year-Round Ornamental Marvel

Viburnum Tinus ‘Eve Price’ is a versatile evergreen shrub known for its captivating year-round appeal. With lush foliage, fragrant flowers, and resilient nature, this cultivar adds a touch of elegance to gardens, making it a popular choice for landscape enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Compact Evergreen Foliage: ‘Eve Price’ boasts glossy, dark green leaves that persist throughout the year, providing a reliable backdrop for seasonal changes.

Fragrant Winter Blooms: In late winter to early spring, clusters of pinkish-white flowers emerge, releasing a sweet fragrance. This bloom time adds a delightful contrast to the winter garden.

Colorful Berries: Following the blooms, ‘Eve Price’ develops metallic-blue berries, creating ornamental interest. These berries often persist into spring, enhancing the visual appeal.

Compact Growth Habit: With a neat and compact form, this Viburnum is well-suited for hedges, borders, or as a standalone specimen. It responds well to pruning, allowing for creative landscaping.

Planting and Care:

Sunlight Requirements: ‘Eve Price’ thrives in partial to full sun, ensuring optimal flowering and berry production.

Well-Drained Soil: Plant in well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged conditions. Viburnums appreciate consistent moisture but can tolerate periods of drought once established.

Pruning: Prune in late spring or early summer after flowering to shape the shrub and remove any dead or overgrown branches.

Versatile Uses: ‘Eve Price’ works well as a hedge, foundation planting, or in mixed borders. Its year-round interest makes it a valuable addition to diverse garden designs.

Landscape Uses:

Evergreen Hedge: Create a dense and attractive hedge with the compact growth of ‘Eve Price.’

Mixed Shrub Borders: Combine with other flowering shrubs for a dynamic and textured border display.

Container Gardening: Cultivate ‘Eve Price’ in containers for a movable ornamental accent on patios or balconies.

Final Note: Viburnum Tinus ‘Eve Price’ is a resilient and ornamental shrub that brings beauty to your garden every season. From fragrant winter blooms to colorful berries, this cultivar is a year-round performer, enhancing the charm of any landscape. Embrace the versatility and enduring appeal of ‘Eve Price’ in your outdoor sanctuary.

Actual Height

Growth rate
15/20cm a year

Planting Distance
20/40 cm


Actual Height
15/20 cm


Growth Rate
15/20cm per year


Planting Distance
20-40 cm


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66 in stock