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Universal Trees and Plants Protector


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5 in stock

Universal Trees and Shrubs Protector for Strimmer


Protect your precious trees and shrubs from accidental damage caused by strimmers and garden tools with our Tree and Shrub Universal Protector for any Strimmer. This durable and easy-to-install guard ensures that your plants remain safe and healthy, allowing them to thrive without the risk of harm from routine garden maintenance.

Italian Design and Craftsmanship: Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, collision resistant and ready for heavy usage.

Universal Fit: Ships with 2 sets of 6mm bolts and nuts, alley key, and all that is needed for the installation. It will fit any strimmer.

Easy Installation: Please see the demo video at Video

Effective Protection: The robust shield creates a barrier that prevents strimmer lines from coming into direct contact with the plant’s bark and roots. This helps to avoid accidental cuts, abrasions, and other damage that can impede growth and vitality.

Benefits: Promotes Plant Health: By shielding your trees and shrubs from mechanical damage, the protector supports uninterrupted growth and a healthier Tree, hedge, or plant.

Saves Time and Money: Preventing damage reduces the need for costly repairs or replacements, and minimizes maintenance time spent on plant recovery. Furthermore, it will allow you to work faster around a tree or a hedge.

Enhances Safety: Eliminates the risk of injury to plants, ensuring they remain safe during regular garden maintenance.

Usage Instructions: Please see the video at Video

Home gardeners looking to protect their plants from strimmer damage.

Professional landscapers who are seeking a reliable solution for plant protection.

Anyone aiming to maintain a pristine and damage-free garden.

Conclusion:  Invest in the health and longevity of your garden with our Tree and Shrub Universal Protector for Strimmer. Combining durability, ease of use, and effective protection, this essential garden tool is a must-have for any plant lover. Keep your trees and shrubs safe and thriving with the reliable defense they deserve.