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Root Slayer


The Root Slayer Shovel (award-winning) is a type of gardening shovel designed to excel at cutting through roots and tough soil conditions. It is a specialized tool that offers improved performance when dealing with various digging tasks in the garden, especially those involving stubborn roots. Here are some key features and benefits of the Root Slayer Shovel:

Root-Cutting Blade: The most distinctive feature of the Root Slayer Shovel is its sharp, serrated blade. The blade is designed to easily slice through roots that might be difficult to sever with a regular shovel. It allows for more efficient and less strenuous digging, especially when working with plants, shrubs, or trees with extensive root systems.

Durable Construction: The Root Slayer Shovel is typically made of strong and durable materials like tempered carbon steel or stainless steel. This ensures that the shovel can withstand tough digging conditions and remain effective for an extended period.

Ergonomic Design: Many Root Slayer Shovels are designed with ergonomic handles to reduce strain and provide a comfortable grip during use. The handle design may vary, but the aim is to minimize wrist and hand fatigue while maximizing leverage.

Versatility: Despite its name, the Root Slayer Shovel is not limited to root-cutting tasks. It can be used for a variety of gardening and landscaping activities, such as digging planting holes, moving soil, transplanting, and removing stubborn weeds.

Gardening Efficiency: By cutting through roots more effectively, the Root Slayer Shovel can speed up various gardening tasks, making it a valuable tool for gardeners and landscapers.

Lifetime warranty.

Blade Length: 13″
Blade Width: 10.5″ at the top of the step
Total Length: 44.5″
Weight: 5 lbs. 8 oz.

Material: Tempered Mid-Carbon Steel blade, polypropylene encased carbon steel shaft, and thermoplastic elastomer grip.

Delivery Times Ireland 3-5 working days

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