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Photinia Red Robin 10L Pot


Photinia × fraseri ‘Red Robin’: A Bold Splash of Year-Round Color

Overview: Photinia Red Robin, scientifically known as Photinia × fraseri ‘Red Robin,’ is a captivating evergreen shrub cherished for its brilliant red foliage and versatility in garden design. This popular cultivar provides a dynamic visual impact, making it a favorite choice for hedges, borders, or standalone ornamental displays.

Key Features:

Foliage: The hallmark of Red Robin is its vibrant, glossy red leaves that emerge in spring, creating a striking contrast against the backdrop of dark green mature foliage. The color remains intense throughout the growing season, ensuring a continuous spectacle in your garden.

Form and Size: Red Robin typically adopts an upright, dense growth habit, forming a rounded shape. It can reach a height of 10 to 15 feet, making it suitable for various landscape applications, including hedges, privacy screens, or decorative focal points.

Flowers: In late spring to early summer, Red Robin produces small, creamy-white flowers in flat-topped clusters. While individually modest, these blossoms contribute to the overall charm of the shrub.

Berries: Following the bloom, Red Robin develops small red berries, adding further visual interest and attracting birds to the garden.

Planting and Care:

Site Selection: Plant Red Robin in well-drained soil and provide a location with full to partial sunlight. The shrub is adaptable to different soil types.

Watering: Maintain regular watering, especially during dry spells or in the initial establishment phase. Red Robin is generally resilient once established.

Pruning: Prune selectively in late spring or early summer to shape the shrub, promote bushiness, and control its size. Regular pruning helps maintain the desired form and enhances the intensity of new growth.

Landscape Uses:

Hedging: Create a bold and colorful hedge with Red Robin.

Accent Plant: Use as a standalone specimen for a vibrant focal point.

Privacy Screen: Plant in multiples for an effective and attractive privacy screen.

Mixed Borders: Combine with other shrubs and perennials for dynamic landscape designs.

Final Note: Photinia Red Robin stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, bringing year-round visual excitement to your garden. Whether used as a hedge, accent, or in mixed plantings, its bold red foliage adds a touch of drama and elegance to outdoor spaces. Embrace the versatility and enduring beauty of Red Robin as it transforms your garden into a canvas of vibrant hues.

Delivery Times Ireland 3-5 working days


Growth rate
30cm per year

Planting Distance
2-3 per metre




Growth Rate
30cm per year


Planting Distance
2-3 per metre


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