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Ilex Aquifolium 15-20cm in P9 Pot


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Features and Elegance of Ilex Aquifolium,

Commonly known as English holly or European holly, is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to western Europe (Ireland included). It is well-known for its glossy green leaves, red berries, and traditional holiday symbolism. Here’s a description, information on its usage, and care guidelines:

Appearance: Ilex Aquifolium is an evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach a height of 10-15 meters (30-50 feet) in favourable conditions. It has a dense, compact growth habit with spiny, glossy dark green leaves.

Leaves: The leaves are leathery, elliptical, and typically have spiny margins, making them a characteristic feature of the plant.

Flowers: Small white flowers with four petals bloom in spring. These flowers are often inconspicuous compared to the more prominent berries.

Berries: Female plants produce red berries that persist through the winter months, providing a pop of color during the colder seasons.

Habitat: English holly thrives in well-drained soils and is commonly found in woodlands, hedgerows, and gardens.

European Holly: An Iconic Touch to Your Landscape:

Ornamental Plant: Ilex Aquifolium is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant for its attractive glossy leaves, vibrant berries, and evergreen nature.

Holiday Decor: The red berries of English holly are a classic decoration during the winter holiday season, often used in wreaths, garlands, and centrepieces.

Wildlife Attraction: The berries serve as a valuable food source for birds during the winter when other food options are scarce.

Privacy Hedge: Due to its dense growth habit, English holly can be planted as a privacy hedge or screen.

Traditional Symbolism: English holly has cultural and symbolic significance in various traditions, often representing protection and continuity.

Planting and Caring for European Holly Bareroot Trees:

Planting: Choose a location with well-draining soil and partial to full sun. Ensure proper spacing to accommodate the plant’s mature size.

Watering: Water newly planted holly regularly to establish a strong root system. Once established, it becomes relatively drought-tolerant.

Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the plant to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and maintain even soil temperatures.

Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring to shape the plant and remove any dead or damaged branches. Wear gloves to protect against the spiny leaves.

Fertilization: Holly plants generally do well without excessive fertilization. If the soil is poor, apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring.

Pest and Disease Management: Watch for pests like scale insects and diseases like leaf spot. Proper spacing and good air circulation can help prevent issues.

Propagation: Holly can be propagated through cuttings or by collecting and planting the seeds from the berries.


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Actual Height

Growth rate
20/25cm per year

Planting Distance
3/4 per meter


Actual Height
20-25 cm


Growth Rate
25-30 cm per year


Planting Distance
3-4 per meter


Out of stock