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Amelanchier lamarckii 15L Pot


Amelanchier lamarckii: Graceful Beauty and Seasonal Splendor

Overview: Amelanchier lamarckii, commonly known as Juneberry, Serviceberry, or Snowy Mespilus, is a deciduous shrub or small tree renowned for its elegant form, captivating spring blossoms, and bountiful summer fruit. This versatile plant brings a touch of charm to gardens and landscapes with its multi-seasonal appeal.

Key Features: Spring Blossoms: In early spring, Amelanchier × lamarckii unfolds a spectacular display of delicate white flowers. The blossoms, appearing in clusters, create a cloud-like effect, enhancing the visual appeal of the landscape.

Foliage: The shrub features oval-shaped, finely-toothed leaves with a vibrant green color. The leaves contribute to the overall lushness of the plant throughout the growing season.

Berries: Following the blooms, Amelanchier × lamarckii produces small, edible berries in summer. These berries transition from green to shades of red and eventually dark purple as they ripen, offering a visual feast and attracting birds to the garden.

Fall Foliage: In autumn, the foliage undergoes a stunning transformation, turning shades of red, orange, and yellow. This fall coloration adds a final flourish to the plant’s seasonal spectacle.

Form and Size: Amelanchier × lamarckii typically grows as a multi-stemmed shrub or small tree with an upright, spreading habit. It can reach a height of 15 to 25 feet, making it suitable for various garden settings.

Planting and Care of Amelanchier Lamarckii:

Site Selection: Plant in well-drained soil in a location that receives full to partial sunlight. Amelanchier × lamarckii is adaptable to different soil types.

Watering: Provide regular watering, especially during dry periods or in the initial establishment phase. Once established, the plant is relatively drought-tolerant.

Pruning: Prune as needed to shape the plant, remove dead or crowded branches, and maintain a balanced form. Pruning is typically done after flowering.

Landscape Uses:

Specimen Plant: Showcase the beauty of Amelanchier × lamarckii as a focal point in the garden.

Mixed Borders: Combine with other shrubs and perennials for diverse and dynamic plantings.

Wildlife Garden: Attracts birds with its berries and contributes to a vibrant and ecologically rich garden.

Final Note: Amelanchier × lamarckii, with its seasonal beauty and adaptability, is a delightful addition to any landscape. Whether enjoyed as a specimen plant, part of a mixed border, or in a wildlife-friendly garden, this Juneberry brings a touch of grace and natural splendor to outdoor spaces throughout the year.



Actual Height
6-7 Feet

Growth rate
60-70cm per year

Planting Distance
Depends on Usage


6-7 Feet


Growth Rate
60-70cm per year


Planting Distance
Depends on Usage


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