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Acer plat. ‘Drummondii’


Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’: A Striking Ornamental Maple

Overview: Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’ is a captivating cultivar of the Norway Maple, celebrated for its distinctive variegated foliage and elegant form. With its striking appearance and adaptable nature, ‘Drummondii’ adds a touch of sophistication to any landscape.

Key Features:

Variegated Foliage: The hallmark of ‘Drummondii’ is its eye-catching leaves adorned with creamy-white margins, which contrast beautifully against the dark green centers. This variegation adds depth and interest to the foliage, creating a stunning display throughout the growing season.

Graceful Form: ‘Drummondii’ showcases a rounded canopy with a symmetrical branching pattern, giving it an elegant and refined appearance. Its moderate size makes it suitable for various garden settings, from urban landscapes to suburban gardens.

Seasonal Interest: In addition to its striking foliage, ‘Drummondii’ offers seasonal interest with its spring blooms and fall color display. Clusters of yellow-green flowers emerge in spring, followed by hues of yellow and gold in autumn, further enhancing its allure.

Low Maintenance: Resilient and adaptable, ‘Drummondii’ requires minimal maintenance once established. It tolerates a wide range of soil types and environmental conditions, making it a versatile choice for gardeners.

Planting and Care:

Sunlight Requirements: Plant ‘Drummondii’ in a location with partial to full sun exposure to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage color. However, it can tolerate some shade, particularly in hotter climates.

Well-drained Soil: Ensure the soil is well-drained and enriched with organic matter to support optimal root development. Water regularly, especially during dry spells, but avoid waterlogged conditions.

Pruning: Minimal pruning is necessary to maintain the tree’s shape and remove any dead or diseased branches. Prune in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges.

Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring to provide essential nutrients for vigorous growth and foliage development.

Landscape Uses:

Specimen Planting: Showcase ‘Drummondii’ as a focal point in the garden, where its variegated foliage can be admired up close.

Urban Landscapes: Use ‘Drummondii’ in urban settings, such as parks or streetscapes, to add visual interest and color.

Mixed Borders: Incorporate ‘Drummondii’ into mixed borders or woodland gardens, where its elegant form and variegated foliage can complement other plants.

Actual Height
12 Feet

Growth rate
60-70cm per year

Planting Distance
Stand Alone


12 Feet


Growth Rate
60-70cm per year


Planting Distance
Stand Alone


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